AIMA Lecture Series

CELEBRATING WORLD BEE DAY WITH AIMA, International Association of Agricultural Museums Digital AIMA Lecture, MAY 20TH, 3.00 PM CET: GOOD BEEKEEPING PRACTICES FOR SUSTAINABLE APICULTURE We are more and more aware of the significance of beekeeping for agriculture and in preserving biodiversity. Traditionally, beekeeping was important for bee products, while today we are becoming aware… Continue reading AIMA Lecture Series

World Donkey Day 2022 AIMA Lecture Series

Register now!Donkeys are an integral part of the culture, the history and the future in numerous countries in the world. Donkeys (and mules parented by donkeys) have been, and still are, important for agricultural production and marketing as well as for transport. Donkey traditions have been encapsulated in museums around the world, but donkey technologies… Continue reading World Donkey Day 2022 AIMA Lecture Series

Hay harvesting calendar in Romania           

In 2021, the cultural intangible heritage connected to hay was included in the National Inventory of Intangible Heritage in Romania, with the title “The Culture of Hay: knowledge and traditional practices concerning hay harvesting in semi-natural meadows, in the mountain and sub-mountain areas of Carpathians Mountains”. It is a complex document, including the description of… Continue reading Hay harvesting calendar in Romania           

2023 AIMA Invited to India

AIMA members have accepted India as the venue for the next AIMA Congress in 2023 (autumn or winter, date to be determined). Listen to Surajit Sarkar’s invitation here. Organizers: Surajit Sarkar, Nerupama Modwel and Vijay Aditya. Host: Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, India, in the Himalaya foothills. Inside the Crops Research… Continue reading 2023 AIMA Invited to India

A Year On The Field Project

Comparing 2000 years of cultivation: seeds, technology, and processing The “A Year On The Field” Project seeks to exchange knowledge about cultivation of one crop through the centuries and in many parts of the world, powered by diverse museum sites, living history farms and also commercial farms (conventional or organic). The international project was initiated… Continue reading A Year On The Field Project

AIMA 2021 Keynote Addresses

le français suit First content from AIMA 2021 Congress goes live Dear AIMA members, we are delighted to share with you the keynote presentations from this year’s International Association of Agricultural Museums Congress, AIMA 2021. These three presentations cover different aspects of the diverse work of our agricultural museums community. We will be sharing further… Continue reading AIMA 2021 Keynote Addresses

Centrum voor Agrarische Geschiedenis (Belgium)

Website: The Agricultural History Center (CAG) preserves, studies, and makes accessible the history and heritage of agriculture, food and rural life in Flanders and Brussels since 1750.

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Groentenmuseum Belgique (Belgium)

Website: The Museum of the Vegetable Region maintains a two-hectare open-air museum that engages guests in historic and contemporary vegetable cultivation.

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