Agriculture & the International Year of Glass 2022

Agriculture? Glass? What’s the connection? Fig. 1. Stained Glass Panel, Labours of the Months (October – breaking up clods and scattering wheat), 1450-1475, England. From Cassiobury Park, Hertfordshire. Source: Commons Wikimedia. Have you ever thought about how farmers and market gardeners care for “baby” plants, for example, by covering them with a glass cloche to… Continue reading Agriculture & the International Year of Glass 2022

A Year On The Field Project

Comparing 2000 years of cultivation: seeds, technology, and processing The “A Year On The Field” Project seeks to exchange knowledge about cultivation of one crop through the centuries and in many parts of the world, powered by diverse museum sites, living history farms and also commercial farms (conventional or organic). The international project was initiated… Continue reading A Year On The Field Project

AIMA 2021 Keynote Addresses

le français suit First content from AIMA 2021 Congress goes live Dear AIMA members, we are delighted to share with you the keynote presentations from this year’s International Association of Agricultural Museums Congress, AIMA 2021. These three presentations cover different aspects of the diverse work of our agricultural museums community. We will be sharing further… Continue reading AIMA 2021 Keynote Addresses

AIMA Virtual Symposium 2020

AIMA hosted its first virtual symposium on Nov 14th 2020: “Coping with crisis in Agricultural Museums“. You can view presentations at AIMA’s official YouTube channel! As many of our members and we as an organization adapted and adjusted to the ongoing crisis and its challenges, we shared our experiences with a wider public.