The Executive Committee

AIMA members elect officers and counselors to the Executive Committee. They serve three-year terms. These individuals manage AIMA activities and plan annual Executive Committee meetings and the triennial Congresses for AIMA members.

The minutes of previous Executive Committe Meetings can be seen here.

Members of AIMA Executive Committee 2017-2020

Elected by the AIMA General Assembly on 12 May 2017 during the General Assembly meeting, convened during CIMA XVIII, hosted by the Estonian Agricultural Museum, Tartu, Estonia


President: Oliver Douglas (United Kingdom)

First Vice President: Isabel Hughes (United Kingdom)

Second Vice President: Debra A. Reid (USA)

Secretary: Kerry-Leigh Burchill (Canada)

Treasurer: Pierre Del Porto (France)


Merli Sild, Estonia

Cozette Griffin-Kremer, France

Henning Baatz, Germany

Claus Kropp, Germany (Alternate)

Surajit Sarkar, India

Hisashi Horio, Japan

Hanna Ignatowicz, Poland

Gheorghe Petre, Romania (Auditing Committee Member)

Barbara Sosič, Slovenia (Auditing Committee Member)

Pete Watson, USA (Auditing Committee Member)

Previous Officers of the AIMA

A list of all of AIMA presidents down the years can be seen here.