The Executive Committee

AIMA members elect officers and counselors to the Executive Committee. They serve three-year terms. These individuals manage AIMA activities and plan annual Executive Committee meetings and the triennial Congresses for AIMA members.

Members of AIMA Executive Committee 2021-2023

Elected by the AIMA General Assembly on 7 December 2021 during the virtual General Assembly meeting.


President: Claus Kropp (Germany)

First Vice President (Congress): Surajit Sarkar (India)

Second Vice President (Networks): Barbara Sosič (Slovenia)

Third Vice President (Strategic Planning): Isabel Hughes (England)

Secretary General (& Website): Debra A. Reid (USA)

Treasurer: Pierre Del Porto (France)


Ollie Douglas, England  

Cozette Griffin-Kremer, France (Membership Director & Communications)

Nerupama Modwel, India, with Vijay Aditya, India AIMA 2023 Conference

Peter Moser, Switzerland

Bob Powell, Scotland, and Paul Starkey, England (Scientific Committee representative – one EC vote)

Yves Segers, Belgium, and Chantal Bisschop, Belgium (Advisory Committee representative – one EC vote)

Pete Watson, USA, and Barbara Corson, USA (one EC vote)

Lena Zoll, Germany (Social Media Coordinator)


Audit Committee, 2021-2023

Cameron Archer, Australia

Anne Jorunn Frøyen, Norway

Jacques Holtz, France


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