AIMA Triennial Congress Proceedings

AIMA first published scientific papers and museum case studies in 1966. A permanent record of papers presented during each triennial International Congress of Agriculture Museums (CIMA) appeared annually between 1966 and 1989 under the title Acta Museorum Agriculturae (AMA). The last AMA, volume 22, appeared in 1989. CIMA Proceedings replaced AMA in 1992 with one Proceedings of papers presented at the triennial CIMA. AIMA provides digital files of recent CIMA Proceedings. For reprints of other articles, please contact the AIMA Webmaster.

Comprehensive Index

    • Index of AMA and CIMA Proceedings alphabetical by author
    • Index of AMA and CIMA Proceedings chronological by year of the Congress of International Museums of Agriculture (CIMA)

Acta Museorum Agriculturae (AMA) vol. I (1966) – vol. XXII (1989) include papers presented at CIMA I – IX as well as AIMA business meeting minutes and statutes.

CIMA Proceedings include papers and business meeting minutes and attendance at the triennial Congresses: vol. X (1992) – XVIII (2017)