Congress of Agricultural Museums

The CIMA (Congres International des Musees d’Agricole) is a triennial event in the AIMA calendar.

AIMA promotes research and encourages collaboration among professionals working in agriculture and rural museums around the world. AIMA members meet every three years in an international congress to discuss opportunities and challenges that affect museum operations. The conferences include formal sessions, tours of museums and heritage sites, workshops and networking opportunities. The conference host, often a national agriculture museum, publishes the proceedings as a permanent record of the intellectual content of the congress.

(See the proceedings of past conferences (CIMA and AMA))

The CIMA is also the venue for the General Assembly, in which the officers of the AIMA are elected for a three year term by the members.

Below is a list of Congress locations and accompanying records.

Date of CongressHost InstitutionProceedings
Sessions: 13-15 October
Tours: 16-18 October 2023
Conference information available HERE. Shoolini University (Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India) and The Heritage Foundation (New Delhi, India). Travel from Delhi to Solan by train on 12 October. Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana, India. Museum and field visits 16-17-18 October.Agriculture as Living Heritage
CIMA XX 2023
22-26 July 2021
Museum of English Rural Life, University of Reading, UKCIMA XIX 2021
9-13 May 2017National Agricultural Museum of Estonia (Ulenürme near Tartu)CIMA XVIII 2017
5-7 Nov. 2014MuCEM (Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée:, FranceCIMA XVII 2014
4-7 Sept. 2011Romania National Museum of Agriculture – SloboziaCIMA XVI 2011
22-26 Sept. 2008Serbia Poljoprivredni Muzej: Kulpin – Novi Sad, KulpinCIMA XV 2008 Volume 1 & Volume 2
20-24 Sept. 2004Wallachian Open-Air Czech Republic Museum – Rožnov pod Radhoštěm CIMA XIV 2004
24-28 Sept. 2001Germany Bergisches Freilichtmuseum – Lindlar CIMA XIII 2001
12-16 Oct. 1998Poland National Museum of Agriculture and Food – Poznań, Szreniawa CIMA XII 1998
24-29 Sept. 1995Nitra, Slovakia CIMA XI 1995
29 Sept-3 Oct 1992Italy CIMA X 1992
4-8 Sept. 1989Randers, Denmark AMA vol. XXII 1989
7-11 Sept. 1987Landwirtschaftliches Museum – BudapestAMA vol. XX 1987 & AMA vol. XXI 1988
11-14 Sept. 1984Paris and St. Riquier, France AMA vol. XVIII 1985AMA vol. XIX 1986
6-11 Sept. 1982Stockholm and Julita Manor, Sweden AMA vol. XVI 1981-82 & AMA vol. XVII 1983-84
11-15 Sept. 1978Neubrandenburg, GermanyAMA vol. XIII 1978 & AMA vol. XIV 1979 & AMA vol. XV 1980
5-10 April 1976Reading, EnglandAMA vol. XIV 1979 & AMA vol. XIII 1978 & AMA vol. XII 1977 & AMA vol. XI 1976 & AMA vol. IX – X 1974-75
19-23 April 1971BudapestAMA vol. VIII 1973 & AMA vol. VII 1972 & AMA vol. VI 1971
2-5 Sept. 1969Stuttgart-Hohenheim, GermanyAMA vol. IV 1969 & AMA vol. V 1970 & AMA vol. V-2 1970
11-14 Oct. 1966Liblice, CSSRCongress Programme;
AMA vol. I 1966 & AMA vol. II 1967 & AMA vol. III 1968