Networking for Draft Animals and Rare Breeds

We often mention the networks of members and friends that come together in the AIMA, many times in our past congresses, regularly by contributing to the newsletters and blog posts, or by giving advice to help us and…. our networking partners.

This often makes for a feeling of a very small world, as well as a sense of serendipity. When Jeannette Beranger, ALHFAM member and highly active in The Livestock Conservancy, wrote to ask if ever there was anyone in the AIMA network who had pictures of Bordelaise cattle, Denis Richard, director of the Ecomusée de Marquèze in the Landes region, responded with the magnificent photos here.

Photo ©Yohan Espiaube, Écomusée de Marquèze

Our thanks to him and to Jeannette, who is promoting knowledge of the Bordelaise breed at The Livestock Conservancy. Look carefully and you can see that the animals are wearing their handsome fly-masks (chasse-mouche in French) and the handlers are wearing their covid masks, a precaution which has left its mark on our times….

Photo ©Yohan Espiaube, Écomusée de Marquèze

Cozette Griffin-Kremer, Associate Researcher, CRBC Brest