Polish Multiple-Use Transport Vehicles

A medley of transport vehicles for multiple uses from the National Museum of Agriculture and Food Industry, Szreniawa, Poland.

The following pictures come from the museum’s collection and from the exhibit catalogue Historia Transportu Wiejskiejo (History of Rural Transport) with illustrations of vehicles, wheel and carriage design, implements, horse harness, human draft (carry yoke), and even field carts for small-scale railway transport.

A “sulky”
A “zardiniera”
a handlarka for meat transport, inter-war period, from Wielkopolska
A 1930s wagonette from Wielkopolska.
A Posnan hela farm cart.
Portable railroad for beet-collecting cart.
A field railroad carriage.

Hanna Ignatowicz, Kustosz, Muzeum Narodowe Rolnictwa i Przemysłu Rolno-Spożywczego w Szreniawie, Poland